Eating at Monticello

Here’s a sampling of what one might have found on Thomas Jefferson’s table:


• Capon with clear gravy
• Chicken, fricasseed, or with white or brown butter sauce


• String beans with sweet herbs or with white sauce
• Peas, with sugar, or with hearts of lettuce
• Turnips with butter sauce
• Carrots with butter sauce
• Potatoes, fried, without their jackets, cut in small slices and served with various sauces
• Artichokes with brown sauce and onions (or cauliflower with brown sauce and onions)


• Small pastries of puff paste in various shapes, garnished with jelly, gooseberries or apples
• Little pots of custard
• Rice pudding
• Small meringues with cream.
• Custard glazed with a hot poker
• Wine Jelly
• Blanc mange with almonds
• Compote of apple, whole or in pieces (or pears, cherries, strawberries or oranges
• Sponge cake in cases
• Macaroons
• Burnt almonds

(Photo credit: Moche Fedor, Creative Commons License)

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