Etfo Thames Valley Collective Agreement

A long-term casual teacher may leave an assignment by mutual agreement with two (2) weeks` notice or until a suitable replacement is found. Yes, these options are open to all ETFO members and can be viewed at Travel expenses, meals and common accommodation costs are usually covered for a small registration fee. We understand the concerns of some parents/facilitators, students and staff. We will continue to monitor this situation closely and are committed to providing you with accurate and timely information. Information and updates can be found on our website: or on Twitter @tvdsb. We may also share more information electronically via School Messenger. If no agreement is reached at the central bargaining table in Toronto by Friday, January 17, 2020, the union will be released on Monday, January 20, 2020. January 2020, start the rotation of strikes. In addition, as part of the 4th phase of the EtFO Job Action, teachers will no longer participate in professional learning activities. We also hope that an agreement can be reached soon at the provincial level. Most importantly, teachers will continue to focus on supporting students` learning needs. “We are very pleased that preliminary agreements have been reached with our teachers` unions to draw our full attention to the extraordinary challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Board Chair Arlene Morell, who has reached a preliminary agreement with the Ontario Secondary School Federation (OSSTF) between the Government of Ontario and the Ontario Association of Public Boards (OPSBA).

On Tuesday evening, the TVDSB Board of Directors voted and approved the agreement. We look forward to your constant understanding, patience and support from our students. If agreed, secondary schools will remain open on Wednesday, December 4, 2019. A5.07 (c) A short- or long-term casual teacher who is hired to replace a duly qualified absent teacher for such a position may be replaced by another casual teacher only by mutual agreement between the casual teacher and the board. “Our goal of local bargaining was to negotiate a fair collective agreement that addresses issues of working conditions through free collective bargaining,” said Craig Smith, president of the ETFO Thames Valley Local Teachers` Union. Last week, members of the Ontario Elementary Teachers Federation`s (ETFO) Thames Valley Local Voted in favour of the preliminary agreement. The CSSSO is currently negotiating with the Government of Ontario and the Ontario Public Schools Association (OPSBA) on a new collective agreement for secondary school teachers. Our CUPE staff is a key staff member of the Thames Valley District School Board. We respect the negotiation process and continue to hope that an agreement can be reached at the provincial negotiating table. Thames Valley will continue to communicate directly with parents/caregivers about ongoing labour negotiations. As always, for ongoing work updates, please visit and follow @tvdsb on Twitter and Facebook. Thames Valley will not be able to ensure the safety of students, as more than 3400 of our staff are CUPE members who will not show up for work if no agreement is reached.

CUPE employees include facilitators, educators, educational assistants, school and central offices, technical support (IT) and maintenance. Although there is no progress toward a contractual agreement until Friday, March 6, ETFO said it would begin the next phase of its strike diary on Monday, March 9. Although Regulation 274 requires that TOs be initially proposed to duly qualified candidates from the LTO list, the Commission will increasingly need to be included in the OT list throughout the year as no one from the LTO list has applied or been available. Individuals on the occupational therapist list are encouraged to continue to apply for jobs for which they are qualified and, for those who obtain a long-term assignment of 4 months or more, they expect to be assessed in accordance with the provincial framework and assessment model. Details can be found in the Member Services section of our website and remember that such a successful assignment can automatically put occupational therapists who have been EMPLOYEES OF THE TVDSB for 10 months or more and who have worked for at least 20 days on the LTO list. Be sure to specify an interest that will be on the LTO list when the investigation begins in February. Your Local OT is a great resource if you are unsure of what can be detected, so please contact us at or by phone at 519-641-3936. Both forms are available at for members who have registered on the website. For more information, please contact your TVOT office or call us at 519-641-3936. To receive timely notifications, please subscribe to our “Work Updates” page and social media. The 4. ETFO Thames Valley Teacher Local and TVDSB agreed on a local interim agreement and signed the settlement protocol on June 5.

On tvdsB`s websites and social media, you can find the latest updates on the current state of work:`OSSTF said ratification votes are scheduled for May. A preliminary agreement with the Ontario Elementary Teachers` Federation (OCS) has already been signed and ratification votes will begin this week. Send us an email and we will contact you shortly, or call Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 18:00 – we would be happy to talk. We have just negotiated with the board of directors that one day will be declared as 8 hours of work on employment insurance. TVOT`s Board of Directors has increased the amount of the resource rebate for members who purchase a resource related to their professional needs. Your resource discount is now $60 per year and the application deadline is May 31. TVOT members can log in to the employee portal and in the “Employee Training” folder you will find “H&S Half-Day Pa Violence Awareness Training, 03 September 2020”. Completion of this module entitles you to a half-day payment for members who do not participate in LTO assignments of more than 0.5 FTEs.

Usage-based insurance (UBI), also known as drive-thru insurance, has recently gained popularity among Canadian drivers who drive less since the arrival of COVID-19. More and more drivers are looking for a way to be rewarded for their good driving habits. Wondering if usage-based auto insurance is right for you? We`ve put together a guide to break down FAQs about UBI programs. (Please check out our local November member survey to win a $100 gift card.) ETFO`s collective agreements expire in August 2022, but the targeting process is already underway. Member feedback is an important part of this process, so please take this opportunity to participate in the Provincial ETFO Goals Survey. For more information, see ETFO Provincial Survey Under the Employment Standards Act, teachers are not entitled to statutory holiday. Teachers` annual salaries are calculated taking into account the number of working days (194) in a school year. LTO receives the same salary as a permanent teacher with the same qualifications and experience, divided by these 194 days of teaching. – (b) that if a TVOT member is hired to cover the preparation time or coverage of the IPPC, that OT will not be assigned more than 1 supervisory function TVOT members will have the opportunity to meet with their local executive and raise their issues at a virtual meeting on Wednesday 24 November at 5pm. What is usage-based insurance and is it tailored to your needs? Preparation times are part of the paid workday and occupational therapists are therefore expected to stay in school and continue their professional tasks to introduce themselves to the teacher absent from that day.


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