Conditional Fee Agreement Pitfalls

It may be that this is an objective judgment that is not influenced by funding considerations, but it is possible at least that lawyers are unconsciously influenced by the idea that there will be no additional remuneration for each hour of overtime work during the negotiation phase and that the end of negotiations could mean the beginning of a right in which lawyers would have at least a chance, Continue to get paid. Simply put, a contingency fee agreement (CFA) is an agreement between a lawyer and his client that the client only has to pay the lawyer`s fees if the client wins his case. Contingency royalty agreements were previously illegal, but the law was amended in the 1990s to allow for contingency fees subject to certain rules. In 2013, the Judicial Council, headed by the Lord Chief Justice, published, after extensive consultations with the judiciary, a guide on judicial behaviour, which sent a warning (para. .

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