Come Si Fa Il Learning Agreement

There is more rigidity on the issue of claims. You may be able to support an 8 CFU material instead of a 9 CFU material (for example.B.). The difference doesn`t have to be much; in this case, the coordinator`s margin of appreciation is greater. However, it is possible to support several subjects to be validated as a single material (for example.B. the aid to two subjects of 6 PDUs abroad to replace a 12 times in Messina). For student mobility to traineeships, the apprenticeship agreement must define how the stay abroad is recognised, including for the purposes of the diploma, and whether it is carried out on a voluntary basis (not mandatory for graduation) or by a young graduate. See guidelines below. The departments of the University of Messina have their own deadlines, as well as all foreign universities. You must inform yourself.

In any case, the plan is usually presented between May and June. The first table shows the subjects you add or remove at the host university, in the second table the subjects you add or remove at the University of Messina (consequence of the transition to the host university). After being approved by the professor, the student must have the learning agreement signed abroad and upload it to the “student area” of the International Office (N.B. website: you must register to access the student area and download the document. All students must complete the learning agreement at Uniweb in the following periods: Before drawing up the learning agreement, I therefore recommend that you submit a project to your Erasmus+ coordinator. Indicate the themes you want to support, with which you want to replace them. If the coordinator approves the project, formally draft the document. You must indicate the reason for the change made (the document contains a table with several possible reasons). . . .

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