Cheltenham Borough Homes Tenancy Agreement

If you`ve been a tenant of CBH for at least 12 months, you most likely have a secure rental agreement. “This agreement confirms our excellent working relationship with Cheltenham Borough Council and we will continue to work closely with them to identify and seize opportunities and innovate to achieve our ambitious goal of delivering more than 500 homes to Cheltenham by 2023.” At CBH, we have a team of rent management managers to provide you with advice and assistance in managing your rental. This support includes daily requests for housing, advice on your rental and how to report problems. If you`ve been a tenant of CBH for less than a year, you probably still have an introductory rental agreement. According to the partnership, private rentals will benefit from safer rental contracts and these new tenants will benefit from the quality services provided by CBH. Councillor Peter Jeffries, Vice-President and Cabinet Member of Cheltenham Borough Council, said: “This is great news as there is considerable demand for quality homes in Cheltenham. The £100 million is an important investment in Cheltenham`s future. Whether or not we allow you to take over the lease depends on your circumstances and the nature of the property. The Monkscroft Villas development offers 27 new homes and eight additional homes will be built on the former site of Holy Name Hall on Pennine Road. Additional land for future construction is actively sought.

The rental guarantee covers up to two months. The municipal office housing team must check the lease before it is signed. They will ensure that the agreement is affordable and that other conditions are met, as the Council will not help in case of excessive costs. If you have written to your landlord and they will still not make repairs, we can help. Please download this request form for the apartment service and fill it out. You can either print and mail it or email it to We need to contact you if it is necessary to inspect your home and we will also write to your landlord, so be sure to provide any information we request, including contact details for yourself and your landlord. Jason Langley, Chairman of the Board of Cheltenham Borough Homes, said: “This opens an exciting new era for CBC and CBH that allows us to accelerate our new delivery programme and provide even more high-quality homes for Cheltenham…

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