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3.2 Collection rights. For each transaction that results in a refund, we may keep the amount of the re-registration in a reserve and the amount of the refund and related fees, fines or penalties, listed in the respective pricing plan or evaluated by an association, our processor or the resolution of financial institutions, your electronic currency (including, but not limited to a reserve) , to deduct all the revenue due to you. , your bank account or any other payment instrument registered with us. If we reasonably believe that there is a likely refund of a transaction that you have approved or on your behalf, we may withhold payments due to you under this agreement until: a) a re-booking is assessed following a complaint filed by a user, in which case we keep the funds; (b) the time frame provided by the legislation or regulations in force to allow the user to challenge the expiry of the transaction; or (c) we decide that there are no transfers during the transaction. If we are unable to recover funds related to a re-booking for which you are responsible under this Agreement, pay us immediately, upon request, the full amount of the refund. You agree to cover all costs and expenses, including, but not limited, legal fees and other legal fees that we incur in the recovery of all business account loss balances that you do not pay. In the event that we decide not to recover any bookings from you or any other missed payment or cancellation (a “default”), we will cover the debt related to the default and you irrevocably reject all rights, securities and interest that you have on that debt and that you have associated with it. You agree to provide us with all the information and to execute any documents we need for the determination and transfer of this right, title or interest. 3.3 Excessive bookings.

If we find that you receive an excessive amount of bookings, we may set controls or conditions for your reseller account, including, but not limited to creating new processing fees, (b) creating a reserve in an amount that we have reasonably set to cover withdrawal and related costs. , (c) limitation of withdrawal or shipping rights or (d) termination or suspension of service. 4.1 Betalingen aan ASE in andere Gelieerde Ondernemingen. I machtigt ons hierbij onherroepelijk om aan ASE alle vergoedingen of andere bedragen te voldoen die verschuldigd zijn in verband puts jouw gebruik van de Dienst Verkoop op Amazon, in overeenstemming met het vergoedingenoverzicht zoals verstrekt door ASE

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