Transfer Credit Articulation Agreement

If you are admitted to the USF, you will receive an online note showing how your old programs were transferred to the USF and the requirements you have already met. The time it takes to complete your degree depends on your total number of credits and their distribution to the USF`s graduation requirements. New students studying at Howard University can receive a study credit for high school university courses under the College Board`s Advanced Placement Program. Howard University grants transfer credits for grades 1 to 3; However, some departments may require a minimum score of 2 to obtain the transfer credit for the CAPE review. For the transfer credit review, official CAPE certificates must be sent directly to Howard University via CXC. CAPE credit hours are awarded by Howard University according to the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination Chart. We know how important it is for you to get recognition for the courses you have taken and to continue your university trip to the USF. Transfer StudentsThe College of Arts and Science Admissions Office is here to help you with transmission. We recommend that students contact our office so that we can answer your questions and discuss the transfer to Redlands. Howard University accepts transfer credits for graduates of regionally accredited post-secondary institutions. Each school/higher education institution has specific eligibility criteria and conditions for transfer credits. For more information, please see the PDF link below. Although transfers can be made between educational institutions in different countries, the articulation process can become very complicated when students broadcast courses on multiple and international campuses, pass on courses more than 5 to 10 years ago, or have alternative credit experiences such as exam credits or military credits.

Howard University grants transfer credits for “C” grades or rather. Official Cambridge/AQA/Edexcel certificates must be sent directly to Howard University through the examination service. A/AS credit hours are awarded by Howard University according to the Cambridge/AQA/Edexcel A/AS Level exam table. AP credit hours are awarded by Howard University according to the Advanced Placement Chart. If we do not have an articulation agreement with your college, you can use one of these agreements as a general rule for your course selection. Transfer Credit Action Procedure If a transfer student acknowledges that the terms of the CAA have not been met, he or she may follow the credit transfer procedure. (Annex E of the joint complete articulation agreement) With regard to specialized transfer credits, the Office of the Chancellor requests that transfer credits be verified and allocated by the respective discipline. The indexing of courses can be ad hoc if a student actually wants to change. It may also be based on comparison data for existing courses or on the basis of formal articulation agreements. In the latter case, representatives of the different institutions compare their respective courses to determine which courses are comparable and which courses are not. Their consensus is then formalized by a written agreement, used by students and consultants, which is regularly updated according to a common schedule.

Transfer agreements generally limit the offer of course options by providing a checklist – or a sequence of courses to be taken to meet educational requirements while attending a community school or online school.

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