Marriage Agreement In Belgium

In Belgium, only civil marriages are recognized by law. After the civil registration ceremony, which is to be held in a civil registry office, couples often have a religious or secular ceremony as part of their celebration, but this is not necessary. You must be over 18 and not already married. People over the age of 16 can marry with the permission of their parents and the courts. Foreigners must meet the criteria for marriage in their country of origin, including age limits. However, in Belgium, it is generally, but not always possible, to marry same-sex couples in Belgium, even if their new status is not recognised in their country of origin. The spouses may also decide to enter into a marriage agreement, expiring before a notary, in which they opt for a specific matrimonial regime. They may, for example, opt for the regulation of co-ownership, supplemented by specific clauses, such as the inventory of their own property. B, so the question is no longer a question afterwards. But they can also opt for a completely different system, the separate ownership scheme. Spouses who choose to separate the property choose to keep two separate discounts during their marriage and even when they are dissolved by divorce or death.

They then have exclusive powers to manage their own assets and the other spouse cannot intervene in this property under any circumstances, except in very special exceptional circumstances. However, before or after the declaration of legal cohabitation before the civil registry officer, they may enter into a “legal cohabitation contract” executed before a notary and in which they accept a number of personal or heritage consequences that they wish to see effective during their common life as legal communities. One of the other great life events in which the notary can help you is to engage in life with another person. This obligation once took the form of traditional marriage, which is still widespread in contemporary society. However, other forms of cohabitation have gradually formed and are becoming more widespread. One of them is legal cohabitation in Belgium. The system of separate surrenders by marriage contract only applies if it has been expressly chosen in the marriage contract. Under this system, there is no community property.

In principle, there is a total separation of assets and debts, and each spouse manages his own property. The legal separation (separation of bodies/scheiding van tafel in bed) does not break the marriage, but reduces the reciprocal rights and obligations of the spouses: it removes the obligation to live together and divides the patrimony. Divorce breaks the bond of marriage for the future. The spouses are no longer the legal heirs of the other. You`re free to get married. In Belgium, marriage does not affect the surname of the spouses. However, a married person has the right to use the other spouse`s surname. After divorce, a person can no longer use the surname of a former spouse in daily and professional life, with the exception of a business name in certain circumstances.

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